Thursday, December 3, 2015


photo courtesy Kerry N. Barlow, all rights reserved
Because I've spent decades seeking ways to support myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically via natural and holistic means, a recent post on the Feminism and Religion blog captured my attention: how do we provide ourselves with self-care when society demands that we stay too busy to do so? There is no easy answer because it comes down to personal choice about where each of us is willing to draw the line and create wellness boundaries.

For me, self-care has always required extensive amounts of solitary time. I also choose to live as often as possible in a nourishing landscape (which is different for each of us). Added to that has been the choice to become responsible for my own healing remedy selection through intensive study: energy work (Reiki), homeopathy, flower essences, and Ayurveda. These are all self-care options, though there are many more available, that resonate with my desire for spiritual as well as mind-body support. Through these, I created what I call the Five Petal Path to healing.

I will write more later about the Five Petal Path, but for now I wish to send compassion and healing to everyone who is still struggling to find their own unique self-care path.


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