Thursday, December 3, 2015

Many Healing Paths

There are many paths to healing and wellness, and that’s not just looking at the differences between conventional medical care and holistic health care (often called complementary and alternative ‘medicine’ by those in the conventional areas). There is also much diversity amongst holistic or natural health care modalities. I don’t believe touting one modality as being the ‘only way’ to health is anymore realistic than saying there is only one healthy diet for all people. I feel that kind of ego-driven attitude (i.e. “my way is the only way”) has gotten us into more trouble than we bargained for on many fronts. For instance, the differences in how a Naturopath practices compared to a Classical Homeopath has driven a wedge between many holistic health care professionals and their societies or associations. We all have our preferences, of course, and that’s fine. What’s important to remember is to realize that while we may attempt to be objective, true objectivity is an illusion. Each of us is defined by our experiences. And this defined perspective is actually what influences our beliefs - and our approach to health care. I believe that each practitioner or consultant is drawn to those methods with which they resonate on a deep level; they are drawn to use the modality(ies) within which lie their strengths. And a client or patient will be drawn to certain wellness professionals based upon the client/patient’s preferences, experiences, and beliefs.
What do you believe in? Where is your inner guide directing you? What does your inner voice say?

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