Thursday, December 3, 2015

Common Sense Guidelines for Homeopathy

While I recommend that one ought to be careful with Homeopathy, just as one should be careful in all the ways we care for ourselves and our loved ones (diet, herbs, supplements, conventional drugs, etc.), I feel that intelligent, caring people - those who are interested enough to be researching holistic support and options - can use Homeopathy for Acute ailments as long as they have some common sense and guidelines (Chronic Disease support with Homeopathy ought to be undertaken only by those who are educated in and have studied Homeopathy).

For instance:
- Read and Research / follow up suggestions with some reading and research - don't just take advice from someone you don't know over the internet; confirm education and background
- Use only low potencies (30c or lower) and minimal doses
- If giving a remedy more than once, repeat in aqueous dilution, not dry pill
- Don't repeat a remedy more than 3 times if nothing is happening (i.e., no response)
- WATCH for response by the individual; while there is response, don't repeat (i.e., don't repeat as long as there is striking progress or improvement, although you can repeat when improvement begins to slow)
- Don't repeat the same remedy if the previous dose caused any uncomfortable effects (i.e., aggravation)
- Don't continue to use the same remedy if the 'overall' condition worsens
- And, of course, when in doubt, seek help

There are risks no matter what we do and what choices we make; however, we can educate ourselves to minimize those risks so that we all benefit more from the choices that we make.

One of the reasons I’ve kept my consulting fees reasonably low is because of this educational aspect; I want people to know that they can contact me when they’re in doubt - and feel comfortable paying a fee we can both live with while they learn more.

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