Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Snake Bites and Emergency Care

I'm posting this note, prompted by having just seen a venomous Copperhead snake on our front porch. While I know what the top remedies are for treating snake bite in an emergency situation, especially when an ER is too far away to get to quickly, seeing one tonight impelled me to share a couple articles for informational purposes.

The first article deals with homeopathic treatment of a dog bitten by a Copperhead.

The second article is for a dog bitten by a Rattlesnake.

Both snakes are venomous and, depending upon where the individual (whether dog or human) is bitten, can be life threatening so it's good to have a few remedies on hand in case of emergencies. The two top remedies? Lachesis and Crotalus. Better yet, also have Ledum and Echinacea A. If you don't already have these in your emergency remedy kit, but live where snake bites might present an emergency -- get them. They just might save your dog's life.

As a side note, I've read that a few drops of cinnamon and clove oil in a large spray bottle can be a good snake repellent, so I'll be spraying our porch flooring tomorrow!