HolistiCARE and Pushpavati Ayurveda

Presence and Empowerment

Transformative journey begins within - with that first step right here, right now, toward self awareness. Sometimes challenging situations present themselves, but we always have the choice in how we will respond. Will we react blindly, based upon our past? Or will we work toward being present in each moment so that we can make a conscious choice? 

And how do we make that first step, then take another and another? Without this inner journeying and spiritual discovery, we will continue to find ourselves disturbed by physical dis-ease and suffering on some level. With a whole-person approach, we may greatly reduce suffering, even when some pain remains.

Ayurvedic foundational principles, along with its sister path of Yoga, allow us to root firmly in our physical world to know our nature on all levels, while Flower Essences offer a blossom-laden pathway to peace, as we re-learn what we’ve forgotten and move toward self-healing and self-realization. 

Another petal upon the healing path can be Contemplative Writing or what I call The Healing Script. This process of writing into relationship with the Divine and Self may be inspired in many ways through a variety of portals, and we can explore this transformative method together.

Puspavati is the Sanskrit word for "flowering" (also "possessing flowers or blossoms" or "having blossomed") and I offer my assistance to others for the flowering of body, mind and soul.

Through harmonizing methods such as Flower Essences, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki, KoRePran and Biochemic Therapy (Cell Salts), we explore and reawaken the holistic art of self-healing. Holistic self-care is a blend of active participation--involving reflection, awareness, choice--and passive receptivity, which is opening to and allowing the energies of Nature to work within our systems in a symphony of vibrational self-healing.

Through Puspavati Ayurveda and HolistiCARE, I offer private consultations, group classes and even self-chosen bouquets so that each individual has an opportunity to enhance their wellness in the unique way with which they are most comfortable. Fees are minimal or as spirit-guided donation.

HolistiCARE can help your companion animal, as well; animals respond beautifully to vibrational remedies and energy medicine. 

The shifts you unearth and embrace within yourself will also flow naturally to those around you ... 

Catalyzing ~ Awakening ~ Revitalizing ~ Empowering