For Pets

Our animal companions deal with many of the same emotional and mental issues that we ourselves do; they get sad or feel rejected, or may manifest jealousy of a new arrival. They may be sick and become depressed or pick up on your anxiety surrounding their illness!

In addition, animals respond beautifully to natural remedies in support of various physical issues. Here are just a few examples of conditions that I have helped animals with: Pooka the Corgi - collapse and splenic rupture; Demeter the cat - pyoderma, seizures & collapse; Navarre the Siamese - spinal injury as a kitten; Chiana the Collie - seizures, incontinence, lick granuloma, anxiety; Morgana the Collie - pancreatitis, torn cruciate ligament; Khepra the Oriental Shorthair - acute ‘colds’ and a spinal injury; Imhotep the Oriental Shorthair - chronic URI; Lyme Disease in dogs; various acute ailments.

There are simple, gentle, and non-invasive ways that we can assist them, including, flower essences, homeopathy, cell salts, and Reiki. These are powerful catalysts that can encourage self-healing and/or provide deep comfort to our beloved fur-friends.

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