Friday, April 12, 2013

The Healing Script

Writing is a powerful form of healing, whether one chooses to explore through the imagination, self-reflection, stream of consciousness, or a myriad of other paths...

Journey Into Soul and Soar With Spirit

Contemplative writing is known in various spiritual communities as a way to tap directly into a connection with Soul, Spirit or Source. One definition of contemplation is “A concentration on spiritual things as a form of private devotion – A state of mystical awareness of God’s being.” 

The process I share with others is one I discovered during my own Journey of Soul Inquiry, and later explored further through Reflections of a Journey. I wanted to feel a different catalyst, a different stimulant, to my morning pages of writing; to see an image and write what I envision and feel and imagine. I was seeking a beautiful way to dive into my root energy, beat in rhythm to my heart energy, and soar to the transcendent--to find a method for opening more deeply into my Self and that which is Sacred.

When I lost my sense of purpose, I went on a pilgrimage to Crete and that journey is shared through my memoir Minoan Messages on the Gaia Path. My book expresses perspectives on eclectic earth-based spirituality as well as how earth divinity supports the universal relatedness of women’s journeys and our subsequent healing through those experiences. Another memoir has been Desert Fire on the Gaia Path: Befriending the Monster in My Mind, which details my struggle to understand the effect of desert landscape upon mind-body-soul. My paths as spiritual seeker and practitioner of earth-energy healing modalities have merged; this union enhances my ability to not only explore inner and outer landscapes, but to share my perceptions of them in a variety of unique ways that includes metaphor and tales of the ancient past.

Writing is another way into the flowering of body, mind and soul that is the core essence of Pushpavati Ayurveda. My article Word Soup, published at All Things Healing, describes one form of healing writing. 

Let’s travel together. I'm available for private sessions or to facilitate group writing. (The guidance I provide is from personal experience and study, rather than any certification as a "journal therapist.")

I trust that the messages and impressions created through my writing and shared in my books will touch you as they have me, bringing inspiration and insight, joy, and healing reflection. May they open you to explore new ways of being and doing in the world, whether through your own process, or through the messages that were revealed to me.

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