Thursday, December 3, 2015

Biochemic Therapy or Homeopathy?

Friends and fellow students have asked me why I initially suggest Biochemic Therapy rather than Homeopathy. There are several reasons for this decision.

One reason is that I choose to keep my service fees low so that anyone who wishes to try holistic care can feel comfortable ‘dipping their toes’ into this approach. While the results from using cell salts (and/or flower essences) can be quite profound (although rarely as dramatic as Homeopathy sometimes is), the process of selection of the remedy is not as complex and time-consuming as Homeopathy can be.

In many ways cell salts are easier for us to work with. Many people just beginning to learn about holistic care and the concept of potentized remedies may do better starting with cell salts. The cell salts are taken in a slightly mechanistic manner that is reminiscent of the allopathic medicines (but without the suppression!) that the average person is used to which can provide a ‘comfort zone’ to the individual. One simple example is, say someone needs an antacid - instead of taking an antacid drug that is suppressive, why not take a few tablets of Nat phos which works within the system naturally to regulate acid balance.

And, while someone is in the learning stages, there is far less chance of ‘aggravation’ using cell salts than there is in working with higher potency Homeopathic remedies. Biochemic Therapy utilizes cell salts in extremely low potency. As well, cell salts are basic, natural elements of our bodies; the energy, therefore, is also innate to our systems. Cell salts have a broad action upon the system and are widely supportive of our entire cellular structure and processes.

Further, from what I have experienced and observed, using a combination of Biochemic Therapy plus Flower Essence Support is capable of being fully holistic (just as the Simillimum in Homeopathy is) by providing support on all levels (individually and synergistically) - the physical/cellular, mental and emotional - thereby stimulating the Vital Force to deeply heal itself.
This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t recommend Homeopathy to clients. I use Homeopathy extensively with my own family and for myself, as well as using Biochemic Therapy and Flower Essences depending upon each set of circumstances with which I happen to be dealing. While working with a client, I might immediately see a need for a Homeopathic remedy, especially in an Acute or First Aid type situation, and would share that suggestion. Also, after working for a while with a client, the client may decide that they want to seek Homeopathic support for a Chronic imbalance - at which point I may decide to work with them from that approach if they so desire or suggest that they work with a Homeopath who has more experience than I do with that particular type of imbalance. 

However, for the majority of clients, I find that the services I offer fill a vital niche in holistic healing and wellness. Most of us need to learn to crawl before we can walk. The services I offer, by virtue of their simplicity - and the fact that clients can quickly learn to use these modalities on their own if they wish to - provide this much-needed ‘crawling’ stage in the journey to holistic health care. 

And, I do believe that in most instances, Biochemic Therapy along with Flower Essences can be just as effective as Homeopathy - sometimes more effective depending upon the individual need. There is more than ‘one way’ to wellness.

I truly believe in the powerful catalyzing and revitalizing energy of Biochemic Therapy and Flower Essences, as well as the self-healing stimulus of Homeopathy and other modalities.

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