Thursday, December 3, 2015

Flower Essences and Physical Benefits

I’d like to touch on the topic of how flower essences provide healing support for people with physical ailments. 

As we know from an earlier essay, our mental/emotional state affects our physical state through an energetic sharing of information or vibrational messaging. Flower essences work within the vibrational landscape of our emotions, mind and spirit to perform in concert with our energetic bodies and systems. By understanding these energetic pathways and overlays, we can then visualize the concept of how flower essences provide healing support for people with physical ailments.

When Edward Bach developed the now widely-used system for creating flower essences all over the world, he stepped completely away from his medical background with its oftentimes narrow vision of disease and the physical to the realization that our personalities, emotions and spirit create the template upon which our physicality manifests. So, following Bach’s lead, while recognizing that our mental, emotional and spiritual states affect our physical bodies, many flower essence practitioners no longer made any effort to acknowledge and see the connections between those energetic states and the resulting physical ailments (which are also producing vibrations on a different level). 

I love the times we’re now  living in because I am feeling like we are coming full circle into true holistic perspective with flower essences - finally. More people every day are realizing that we cannot separate our minds from our bodies or our emotions from our dis-eases. 

Which brings us back to the fascinating world of flower essences!  There are several flower essence developers who are active - through research and observation - in identifying the connection between the mental/emotional/spiritual and the physical ailments that manifest. One key element to this research is learning and understanding the Chakras and their associated energy channels, and how they develop and are affected within each individual during our lifetime. Also, our personality type is often a guide indicating particular areas of susceptibility (or weaknesses). 

The beauty I see in acknowledging this truly holistic perspective means that we have more ‘clues’ at our disposal for bringing about healing and wellness on all levels. We are able to use mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms as clues guiding us to beneficial flower essences, but also use physical symptoms as clues to imbalances within our energy fields. Learning the correlations between the physical and the mental/emotional/spiritual are extremely helpful, especially when working with animals or children or even adults who have a difficult time expressing themselves.

Another concept to consider when using vibrational remedies like flower essences for physical problems is whether there is a strong resonance between the vibration of the flower essence and the vibrations created by the physical imbalance. Alternatively, what about when our bodies have been invaded by a virus, bacteria or parasite? What draws a pathogen to one person but not to another? These are living organisms with their own energy signatures and vibrations, so it’s possible that they can be directly affected by flower essences with which they resonate.
There are so many possibilities as to how vibrations interact on a multitude of levels! And this is a fascinating side of research and gathering data - pulling all the information together so that more individuals are helped more easily and quickly.

Some examples of the effects coming from either symptomatic direction:

  •   taking a flower essence blend for ‘memory issues’ not only improved memory but significantly ameliorated pain and stiffness in toes
  •   taking a flower essence blend for ‘heart/chest pain’ ameliorated that symptom but also resulted in a huge leap in creative energy, ambition, and open-hearted willingness to give of self

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