Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Holistic Lifestyles

Discovering Ayurveda has been a true gift in my life, as it touches upon every aspect of one's life and lifestyle, offering insights for deep, continued healing and wellness. This healing and wellness is for soul and mind, as well as body, and is a truly holistic system.

The other marvelous aspect of these teachings has been that all of the teachers seem to emphasize that they, and the sages who developed the system five thousand years ago, desire to share this healing wisdom with anyone who wishes to learn. Unlike some cultures who prefer to keep their wisdom isolated (often because of historic harm), most Indian teachers take the approach of offering the Ayurvedic benefits into the world. They were taught that these wellness teachings are a gift to all people, not only to those born in India.

I was completely enthralled by the latest free audio by SoundsTrue, a conversation with the delightful and wise Acharya Shunya - HERE.

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