Friday, March 24, 2017

Healthy Gut

Our digestion, our microbes. What’s inside us? Dr. John Douillard talks about this topic in free videos; one of many is “Does Your Microbiome Determine Your Body Type?”  I studied with Dr. John at Kripalu School of Ayurveda, and he is well-known in the alternative health care community.
Recently, one of Dr. John’s videos reminded me that I have the additional resource of Bowel Nosodes — a natural resource remedy created by Bach (through homeopathic preparation methods) for helping to rebalance and re-colonize our intestinal flora energetically. Interestingly, Bach also felt that certain bowel flora pointed to particular personality types. This coincidence goes to my strong feeling that we “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” … that a return to healthy conscious eating doesn’t mean we ignore natural, sustainable remedies of support. 
We’re all human … and, I dare say, most of us are so impacted by the culture that we are constantly challenged in balancing body and soul. It’s easy to say that we “know” intellectually, but equilibrium is a path of practice. I don’t want to fall into the trap, however, of harping on everything being “HARD” … I was there at one point in my life (or several times really) and that is depressing and negative when we think everything is “hard.” 
Rather, I continually seek to witness my life as human and be aware of each step on my path as my practice. Blessedly, Mother Mature through wise humans who are in communication with her, has provided many natural, non-invasive, non-harmful methods and remedies to help. 
So, back to the Bowel Nosodes — I experienced the support of Syc Co for my stress hives (while living in Arizona). Those results prompted me to order the rest of the Bowel Nosodes in 30c potency (unavailable now in 6c potency, probably due to increasing regulations worldwide). The 30c will, however, be fine because the flora imbalances within us are complexes from culture and lifestyle of generations and lifetimes, adding in the past 70 years of changes, not the simpler imbalances of Bach’s day. Rapid degeneration in recent decades! 
We’ve become not only physically affected by our cultural transgressions of the Industrial Age, but most of us are psychologically affected. And the old “rules” probably no longer apply either because our bodies constantly deal with a different level of influence from technology to frequency to toxins to GM foods to cellular resonance effects all around. One might even say that our bowels are fertile ground for miasma influences of bacterial proliferation. Our generations, mine and those people younger than me, grew up with refined sugars, white flours, the chemical additives and factory-processed foods. We’ve shifted, our bowel flora has shifted, and the protocols of 70 years ago may no longer be effective all the time. We have to pay attention to change and context. 
As with everything taught as principle and philosophy of Ayurveda, Homeopathy (of which the Bowel Nosodes are part), and Flower Essences … INDIVIDUALIZE the treatment. Every organism is operating in a unique blend of prakriti and lifestyle. All the “rules” are mere guidelines — helpful, not hard and fast. We need to allow the feminine principle of intuition her part in the healing process and we will see the individuality emerge with the blending of intuition and intellect. VITAL … to remember this is vital. The one needing treatment is unique and so is the one providing the treatment. 
Within the wisdom and power of vibration, everything is up in the air, out in The Field, inside our subtle bodies, and working with — LABORing within — the pattern of the unique situation. Guidelines can help us starting out and when we get confused or need to return to square one but the spiral of reality is to move into free flow of technique and pattern becomes art. I run into more problems following the “should” of therapy, including the “should not” that often manifests indeed as a tangled knot/not

Our bowels have been referred to in recent decades as our Second Brain; we need to offer greater healing endeavor into this area of our systems, through how and what we eat, as well as through the remedies we choose.

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