Monday, June 19, 2017

Why Not Try It?

I'm always puzzled when I mention natural remedies or a change in food choices, and the person responds with a resounding and negative "that won't work." They usually cite reasons like "you'll find studies supporting anything if you look hard enough" or "that doesn't make sense so why bother" etc.

Now, I wouldn't have even mentioned the topic to these people except that he or she is complaining about health issues and the expensive drugs they are taking (drugs that even the doctors admit are only to try to reduce symptoms but have no effect upon reversing or curing the dis-ease itself). My puzzlement around the person's vehement objections then arises from the simple perspective of: "it can't hurt and might help so why not try it?"

Based upon that premise -- it can't hurt and might help so why not try it -- I would urge you to watch the film What The Health and at least consider trying a vegan diet for a month. Or even just a couple weeks. Commit to eating only a WFPB diet (that's Whole-Food Plant-Based) and see how you feel. Isn't the possibility of getting better worth trying something new, especially when it won't cost you a dime? There are people who experience phenomenal results and those who see little to no change, but wouldn't it be exciting to be one of those with the life-changing results? Just imagine!

Here's the link for the film and how you can watch it: What The Health.

For information on a vegan diet as well as free recipes, go to: Forks Over Knives.

And, as always, if you have questions, I'm happy to help -- just contact me!

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