Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Borage Flower Essence - Courage

(c) Delta Gardens
I want to share a personal experience with Borage. 

Usually, I make dosing bottles, but one day I felt called to simply add some drops of Borage flower essence to my pitcher of daily drinking water (I often do this with essences, letting intuition guide me in selection). 

The next day, I felt tremendous confidence in my actions and body; I felt hardly any fear, moving throughout the day as if my body had returned to normal.  

The back-story is that 9 months ago, I fell backwards, downhill on our property, shattering my left wrist and fracturing my left tibial plateau in several places. My recovery has been slow and frustrating at times, and I have been using flower essences to help me move past my fear about it happening again (it was just one of those clumsy accidents so it kind of freaked me out) and to regain confidence in my body. 

Well, after only the single day of taking the Borage-imprinted water throughout the day, I woke up and didn’t even hesitate in getting down on the floor to clip my dog’s toenails. It was only in hindsight that I fully realized how at ease and unconcerned I was with getting down on the floor all on my own. This may not sound like much, but it was a huge advance for me — I no longer felt like my body was going to give out on me or “betray” me! I had already felt like I was moving in this direction, but Borage sailed me right over the last hurdle — phenomenal!

Borage flower essence can share many qualities of healing with us; the one that seemed to lift me up the most in my current state was courage ... the courage to trust my body and the healing process. This wasn't a conscious shift, however, but one that simply happened, thanks to the Spirit of Borage.

The Borage flower essence that I took was from Delta Gardens; there are other flower essence lines that carry it, too, such as Green Hope Farm. I'm so grateful to the people who co-create these marvelous healing remedies!

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