Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Resonance of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, a healing system thousands of years old, carries within it a harmonizing approach as evocative and moving as the most uplifting music ever created. I have found, to my enduring delight, that this is a system based upon energy. I thought it would be about diet and lifestyle in a substance-based approach, and these are certainly strong features of this complete and holistic system. However, every aspect, each lovely component, ultimately derives from our world as cosmic energy and cosmic consciousness, and expands into so much more than what we can perceive with our physical senses. To realize the connection between the universal energies, elements and attributes, and how they represent themselves in our physical world through actions, is to become the conductor of our own living symphony.
Ayurveda brings the language of life and wellness into a vibrant image that is available to everyone. The patterns and templates it reveals resonate with the evidence we see and experience within our bodies and all around us. Once we sense the resonance within our cells, we are able to vibrate right along with this wisdom–this ancient knowledge of life. Through Ayurveda’s beautiful presentation of resonance, we can truly be the changes we wish to see. We can become in tune with all of life.
From our creation into the energies of pre-form, to the vibratory links of the principles of manifestation, and then on to the elemental bonds that ring in harmony within our very cells, we are energy. Applying this wisdom, all dis-ease begins to clear just as the winds carry the clouds away, and we see the vast blue sky of wellness stretching to the horizon. We feel our blood rushing to the tempo of the activities we perform. Our ears ring when we hear the song of life become chaotic or sharp. And each pause is a moment of stillness in which we hear the last fading note of the previous song as well as the dulcet tone of the new one just starting to manifest.
At the core of our journey is knowing our own nature, energetic and physical, for the unique gift that it is. Each of us has become manifest within an organic instrument that blends the elements in exquisite and perfect proportions. No wonder then, that we cannot all fit into a single opening of expectation. What if our nature is not attuned in that direction? What if the symphony of my soul isn’t in the same key? What if I prefer the violin instead of the piano, or the flute solo to the orchestra?
Life is an ecstatic song that begins in our spirit and soul before it reaches our organs of sensory perception or action. The melody in the elements at play is conducted to and from all the curves of Mother Earth and all corners of the infinite Universe. The ancient rishis brought the resonance within all life out into the world of form by describing qualities, principles, patterns, and images that we can relate to; we recognize and remember our connection. We recall the wisdom of how to become One with our unique Song of Life. The words of the wise are pointers–signs and symbols that may resonate on a deep level–allowing us to visualize our energy bodies and the flow of energy throughout our physical forms. The vibrant imagery of Ayurveda shares the mysteries of life’s songs and we feel its vitality when we open to its musical scores.

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