Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Responsible Health Care

I was listening to On Point with Tom Ashbrook and today's episode titled "Growing Pains for Obamacare" and feel compelled to comment.

I'm the first to say that our nation ought to be providing health care for children at little to no cost. And, no, I don't even have children of my own, but I also feel that way about providing children with education and enough to eat; they shouldn't suffer for the errors of adults, parents or not.

However, I do not agree with forcing people to buy insurance or to tax them if they don't. It's great to make it available to those who want it, but, except for *emergency care insurance,* I personally have no interest in obtaining health insurance that only covers the conventional medical system.

I fully support everyone following their own conscience of what is right for them, what they feel safe doing, and what they feel is proper for health care.

That said, except for emergencies (like surgery, which is the only area in which I believe conventional medicine excels), I encourage people to do everything in their power to eat healthy and choose a natural health care approach first. I have no doubt that conventional medicine will remain an option as a last resort.

From eating primarily a plant-based diet -- see Forks Over Knives for resources -- to supporting oneself with Herbs, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda, people might be surprised at how good they feel. And there are a lot more CAM therapies available in addition to those listed that are my favorites!

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