Monday, October 22, 2012

Vibrational Healing

Energy Connects Everything
Vibrational healing is the wave of the future, ebbing and flowing to us in many guises, from remedies whose energy is suspended within a material substance to offering our bodies as channels through which universal energy may pulse, and/or from working directly with specific energy paths of the body to allowing the shining light of Prana to illuminate a template toward self-healing. 

We have a lot of different names or concepts for how we may work with this energy; those with which I resonate are Flower Essences, Ayurveda, Prana, Reiki, and Homeopathy (including Biochemic Therapy). We also have words as pointers to describe the energy such as harmonics, frequencies, vibrations, waves, electrical or magnetic fields whether subtle or gross. And our understanding of how they work and make their presence known is explained as through fields, vital force, subtle bodies, templates, patterns, holograms, maps. 

All of these modalities are, however, simply offering support that allows a way for us to self-heal without separating body from mind and spirit.

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